About Page

Why pharmacy informatics?

While attending the University of Tennessee for my Pharm.D. degree, I discovered the field of pharmacy informatics. My university offers the first class of Health Informatics which consisted a total of only 6 students, at the time, out of 165 pharmacy students. Pharmacy informatics is a unique field that with my background of computer science, I thought this informatics world is where I belong. I like to combine the leverage technology to improve the workflow of pharmacy which can lead to better satisfaction for other stakeholders including physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, and ultimately leading to optimal care for the patients.

After my graduation, I wanted to expand my clinical knowledge and decided to complete a PGY1 residency. Once completing my residency, I practiced as a clinical pharmacist in several different capacities at North Shore Medical Center, Hallmark Health System, and as a Clinical Coordinator for Anticoagulation at the Veteran Affairs Health System in Massachusetts.

I found an opportunity to follow my passion for Pharmacy Informatics and thus was able to work as an Informatics Pharmacist at Orange Regional Medical Center, where I still work at the present.

What is the purpose of my posts?

I wanted to share my personal experience as well as the challenges I faced both professionally and personally in life, and how I make progress on overcoming these challenges.

My personal affirmation statement: I want to leave the world a better place for my family and friends and others.

My favorite quotes:

“A true student is like a sponge. Absorbing what goes on around him, filtering it, latching on to what he can hold. A student is self-critical and self-motivated, always trying to improve his understanding so that he can move on to the next topic, the next challenge. A real student is also his own teacher and his own critic. There is no room for ego there.”